English 431

On this page, students will find links to most classroom activities, notes, slideshows and assignments. Refer back here regularly to keep updated.

September 2015:

Class Outline

Person Crest-Collage Assignment assignment due Wed, September 30th

6 word memoirs (sample 10 word or less stories, for discussion Sept 16 & 17)

10 Word Stories response activities (Sept 16-18)

word improvement (Sept 28 – adjectives & verbs)

John Joseph (sheet activities to go along with story Sept 29)

October Files:

reading responses (to use with independent novel reading)

Independent Novel Assignment

Fast Car Reading Activity (Oct 20)

November Files:

Shattered Anticipation Guide

Shattered probable passage words

Shattered probable passage template

shattered capitols & punctuation paragraph (with errors)   (Nov 27)

December Files:

To This Day (response sheet – Dec 4)

Conflict in The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete (response sheet – Dec 11)

Rwandan Genocide Quick Research project (for Monday, December 21)

January Files:

Guardian article of Undercover Panhandler

Shattered Response Questions

Random Act of Kindness Commercial Thailand

Liberty Mutual Pay it Forward Commercial

English 431 Final Project (due during exams, Thursday, January 28th)

English 431 Final Project Presentations