English 421


On this page, students will find links to most classroom activities, notes, slideshows and assignments.  Refer back here regularly to keep updated.

September 2015:

Class Outline

6 Word Memoirs/10 Word Stories (examples to help support student writing, Sept 11)

A Secret Lost in the Water (short story response questions, Sept 14)

The next scene in graphic story (activity for “John Joseph: The Boy Whose Last Name is a First Name” Sept 17)

Character Profile Worksheet (due Thursday, September 24)

The Possibility of Evil (classroom activities from Sept 23-24)

Narrative Writing Assignment (complete draft due Fri, Oct 2.  Polished submission due Mon, Oct 5)

6 + 1 Traits Overview (Sept 28-Oct 1)

storyboard template (for planning your short story)

October Files:

Intro to Poetry (slideshow activities & notes Oct 5-9)

Novel Reflections (response questions for independent reading novels)

Poetry Out Loud Recitation Assignment (to be presented Monday, Oct 19th)

Poetry Analysis Assignment  (due Monday, November 2)

Illustrated Poetry Assignment  (due Thursday, November 12)

the Sound of Silence Poem (used for class discussion Oct 20-21)

November Files:

Film Review Preparatory Activities

Gilbert Grape Guided Viewing (November 23-25)

Film Critique Assignment (Due Monday, December 7th to Ms. Gullander)

Introducing Shakespeare (slidshow activities Nov 30/Dec 1)

Film Review Checklist (for film critique assignment- due Monday, Dec 7th)

December Files:

Socratic Seminar (information handout December 18th)

Open-Ended questions (handout for seminar prep)

Participation RUBRIC (seminar assessment)

January Files:

Persuasive Rant (due January 11)

Rick Mercer article in MacLeans magazine – Why I Rant.  And Why You Should Too

Research Methods (in-text citations & the works cited page)

15 Best Movie Rants (watch: #14, 10 & 5)

Rick Mercer Rant: Bullying: It Gets Better

Rick Mercer Rant: The Kids are Alright

Final Assessment Files:

Final Assessment Criteria Essay

Final Assessment Criteria Product & Presentation 

Final Assessment Rubrics: Essay and Product 

Planning & Beginning to Write Checkpoints

Thesis Statement

Collecting textual evidence and basic paper structure

Revision & Editing checklist

Creative Product Rationale Outline

student sample paper 1

student sample paper 2

student sample paper 3

OWL at Purdue MLA Works Citing

Creative Product Presentation Schedule