About Mrs. Charlton

Hello students and parents,

Well, I’m back for my sixth year here at Colonel Gray High school and can’t wait to start teaching.  This year I am set to teach English 421, English 431 and English 521, all courses which I have taught before, so it should be a great year.  There have also been substantial changes and improvements made with English curriculum and resources, so I am excited to help roll that out this year. Hopefully this year will be as rich and enlightening (for both myself and my students) as my last few years have been.  Go Colonels!!

Just to let you know a bit about me, I graduated from the Bachelor of Education program from UPEI in May 2007, and was thrilled to obtain a position at Morell High, as I was a graduate of the school not many years ago (at least it doesn’t seem like long ago to me!).  When Morell High couldn’t keep me, I expanded my wings and moved to a job in the big city.  My husband and I bought an old house in the country and have settled ourselves in for good, recently adding an expansion.  I have three young boys, who I like to think keep me youthful, and absolutely love learning things with them — they help rekindle my love of learning on a daily basis.  In my spare time (whenever that is!) I enjoying keeping active, traveling, and spending time with my family.  Although I may appear very reserved, I enjoying embracing every opportunity to try something new, however daring it may be.  I have parasailed, jumped off bridges, and gone on a mini safari (albeit, that last one was in a theme park!).

As a teacher, I envision my classroom as being a safe, fun, and engaging learning environment.  I strive to teach each day with dedication, professionalism, and zest.  While trying to meet all of the curriculum outcomes, I also feel the importance of education is to teach students how to learn and how to get along.  In my classroom, I try to meet these goals by engaging students in a variety of learning activities.  I believe in setting achievable expectations for students and making the learning meaningful and giving it purpose.  I also believe in fair and accurate assessment of students’ work, and do so regularly in a myriad of ways.

Learning can be fun; I have experienced it that way in my life — and I will do my best to make it so for my students, but they also have a responsibility to give their best effort, attention, and behaviour.

I welcome feedback and any constructive criticism.  Let’s face it, I’m part of the learning environment too, as I learn much from my students, and my own children, every day and continually strive to be the best possible teacher I can be.

Welcome to my class!  Let’s have a great year.

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