Tuesday, January 19th

English 421:

  • Students should be well underway in their final assessment projects.  Details, helpful documents and student paper samples can be found on the English 421 page.
  • We are having graded socratic seminars tomorrow, using your independent reading as topics.  Come to class prepared with 3 open-ended discussion questions.
  • Today students were responsible for having their revised thesis statements and evidence from 3 texts prepared for their final assessments.  We will be having another independent work day on Thursday – if you haven’t completed check points up to now, this will be your last opportunity to get credit for that work.
  • Final assessment essays are due submitted to turnitin.com by midnight the night before the presentations – Block A Monday, January 25th, Block B Tuesday January 26th.  Students have scheduled times to present their creative projects – Block A Tuesday, January 26th, Block B Wednesday, January 27th.

English 431:

  • Students completed their Shattered quiz and are now working on completing their final projects.  The details of the final project can be found on the English 431 page.  Final projects are due during our exam block- Thursday, January 28th.  Students have scheduled times during this block to come in and complete a one-on-one conference with the teacher where they will present their final project.

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