Wednesday, January 6th

Good morning students.  My littlest guy hurt his ear last night and was up early this morning, so I’m staying home to monitor him and probably make a trip to see the doctor.  That being said, I want to continue along from yesterday, so here are your instructions for today:

English 421 students:

  • Using Chromebooks (block A class has individual access, while block b will have to work in small groups with laptops borrowed from overflow from Mr. Field), access the Research Methods slideshow under the English 421 tab and read through the information.  This will be review for some, but new for others.  Try to grasp the concept of in-text citations and a works cited list.  Record any questions you have for tomorrow – we will do more practice then.
  • After reading through the information, apply it to gathering information from a MacLean’s article on Rick Mercer: Why I Rant.  And Why You Should Too.  This article can also be found under the English 421 tab, or there are also copies on the front table in the classroom – if you choose to use a printed copy, please leave them behind when you are finished.
  • Directions for the article-(1) read it (2) summarize one paragraph of it (a summary is your own words, and much briefer than the original section – about 1/3 the length) (3) paraphrase a small section (a paraphrase is basically the same length as the original, but in your own words, (4) quote one section (exact wording, in quotation marks) , (5) create the Works Cited listing for the article (you will need to use an online source –OWL at Purdue Writing Lab that shows you how to create the citation, or Citation Machine that through a step-by-step process creates the citation for you when you enter the correct information).  This is all practice.  Don’t stress.  Have this information ready to give to Mrs. C tomorrow.
  • If you have any time left, use to it work on your own rant and research, or search out sample rants.  You can also view the ones posted under the English 421 tab.
  • REMINDER: Your persuasive rant assignment is due to be presented on Monday, January 11th.  We will also have another practice socratic seminar on Friday.

English 431 students:

  • In yesterday’s reading, Mrs. Watkins, Ian’s civics teacher, used Stalin’s quote with her class – “One death is a tragedy.  A million, a statistic.”  She then used a local example that demonstrated her point – that when a local girl was killed, even though students didn’t personally know her, some left gifts at a memorial for her, or wrote nice messages to her family as random acts of kindness because they knew of her story and could put a face to the tragedy.  In comparison, when millions are murdered in genocides around the world, we don’t react as personally because we don’t put faces to those deaths and feel disconnected.  View the Random Acts of Kindness links together as a class.  They can be found under the English 431 tab.  Have a bit of a discussion, or write  personal response to these questions: How do random acts of kindness affect us as a society?  Do we depend on them to maintain hope and compassion?  Have you witnessed or experienced any?  What do these kinds of acts show about humanity?
  • Mr. Lackie will read aloud chapter 13 today.
  • You may have a 7 minute break partway through class, if you have been respectful and have worked consistently well (Mr. Lackie will decide whether you have)
  • Use the remaining time to work on your Rwandan Genocide poster assignment – found under the English 431 tab, and any other outstanding work.  Chromebooks are booked for your use.  This poster is due on Friday, but this will be our last class with the chromebooks this week.

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