Thursday, December 10th

It’s check in time for my classes:

English 421:

  • Students should have submitted their film critique assignment for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape on Monday.  Some have submitted late, and need to be more diligent at due dates.
  • Ms. Gullander has been working with the students this week on continuing to look at drama.  Students are working in teams on an adaptation assignment – they have been asked to adapt one of 3 texts into a short 5 minute skit or set of tableaus that will be performed next Thursday in the lecture theatre.  Submissions for this are due next Wednesday.  Students can choose to either perform their skit live, or tape it for viewing.  This will be assessed as representation and speaking outcomes.
  • Students should be continuing to read their independent novels at home, with some time given in class.  About 20 minutes per day is suggested.

English 431:

  • We have read together up to the end of chapter 5 of our class novel, Shattered.  Students were responsible for response questions for chapters 1 & 2 and a character sketch PPE paragraph of the main character Ian after chapter 3.  We used chapters 4 & 5 to fuel class discussion around conflict.
  • This week, we have been focusing on conflict through some workshopping activities.  We viewed the spoken word poem on bullying entitled To This Day by Shane Koyczan.  It can be viewed here:  To This Day – spoken word p oem
  • Today we are beginning to view the film The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete while also conducting small group seminars for speaking & listening outcomes.

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