Thursday, November 12th

English 421:

  • It was a hectic day getting back into the swing of things.  Students had some time for silent reading, then we discussed the illustrated poetry assignment – the expectation was that it would be submitted today, but like expected, there were many setbacks.  Students need to send/share the file with Mrs. Charlton tonight in anticipation for sharing the videos in class tomorrow.  If you need to upload a file, make sure to come to class before the bell rings.
  • Some issues with google slides: adding auto-advance — Go to File – publish to the web.  There it allows you to the advance time on slides, then creates a link you can then send to Mrs. C.
  • Google slides: adding music.  You can’t add music per say, but you can add a music video file from the web.  Go to Insert, Video, then add the youtube or other URL and it will embed directly in the slide.
  • If you are using PowerPoint and adding music, make sure to have the music file and the powerpoint file saved together – the easiest way is to bring both to class on a memory stick.
  • REMINDER: No novel reflection is due today.  We are stalling them until further notice.
  • Today students also did some work with providing feedback on another student’s assignment.  We co-constructed success criteria, and students filled out a rubric with comments.  We will reflect back on this activity next week.

English 431:

  • Today we finished watching the film The Pursuit of Happyness, and students responded to the question: What comment is being made in this movie about what it means to be human?  Responses were to be in proper PPE format (Point, Proof, Explanation).
  • We also spent some time today going over some of the questions on the anticipation guide for the upcoming class novel – Shattered.

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