Friday, October 30th

Have a great weekend, everyone.  Enjoy Halloween, however you choose to celebrate.

English 421:

  • Silent reading.  Novel reflection #3 was due today.
  • Today was a bit of a Halloween special.  We focused on context, mood and tone, using some Halloween samples – an illustrated book by Jerry Seinfeld, Halloween, and the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror version of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven.  Students then each wrote one line of poetry that we will use to form a whole-class poem on Monday.
  • REMINDER: The poetry analysis assignment is due on Monday.

English 431:

  • Silent reading and response time.
  • Students gathered their October portfolio items for submission today.
  • We discussed theme statements today, using some short Halloween samples – Jerry Seinfeld’s illustrated story Halloween, and Mary Howitt’s illustrated poem, The Spider and the Fly.  then polished up the response to Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car. Students are expected to be able to form clear, concise theme statements about the material they read.
  • REMINDER: Show and tell on Tuesday.  Independent novel assignment due next Thursday, November 5th.

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