Tuesday, October 27th

English 421:

  • Silent reading – novel reflection#3 due Friday.
  • Review of metaphor lesson from yesterday, with discussion of responses and ways to improve those responses.
  • Poem – Cooks Brook, p.134 of Sightlines.  Students were asked to list the sights and feelings in each stanza – thinking about how the imagery added to the overall feeling of the poem, and how it engages a reader.
  • For homework, respond to the following questions for Cooks Brook – Identify 1 simile and 2 metaphors.  Explain one fully.  How is the poem a metaphor for life?  Explain.

English 431:

  • Silent reading – independent novel assignment due next Friday.
  • Discussion of song Fast Car, by Tracy Chapman.  We went through the song, focusing on the main idea and message through the reading strategy of questioning.  Students were then expected to write a paragraph describing the main idea and theme in PPE (point, proof, explanation) form.

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