Friday, October 9th

FYI: Mrs. Charlton will be out of school on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.  Ms. Katelyn Kennedy will be in substituting.  If you need to contact Mrs. C, please do so by email at

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  Take time to show gratitude for the good things in your life, and spend time with those you love.

English 421:

  • Silent reading.
  • Discussion of the poetic devices in “Shark” by Edwin John Pratt
  • Continuation of introduction to poetry – focusing on prosody — reading with emotion.
  • Reminder: Novel Reflection #1 due next Thursday, Oct 15th.  Bring in a children’s story book for sharing next Thursday also.  Also – the 3 poetry assignments were handed out today.  These will carry us over the month.  Due dates will be determined next week, but the first is set – the Poetry Recitation will take place on Monday, October 19th.
  • Students will need their Sightlines 10 textbook in class on Tuesday!

English 431:

  • Silent reading and responding time.
  • Students worked on their individual monster creations, and worked on a journal entry from its perspective.
  • Students then worked in groups to collaborate a new monster.  These will be shared next week.

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