Thursday, October 8th

English 421:

  • Silent reading.
  • Students were given novel reflection questions – they must complete 3 novel reflections for each of the 3 novels they read.  This file will be posted on the English 421 page.  The first reflection is due next Thursday, Oct 15.
  • Continuation of the introduction to poetry, with a review of some poetry term & examples.  See the Intro to Poetry slideshow for notes.
  • We began looking at the poem Shark by Edwin John Pratt.  This can also be found on the Intro to Poetry slideshow.
  • REMINDER: Find a children’s storybook to share with the class next Thursday as a way to practice speaking aloud & find a poem you can recite for the class.

English 431:

  • Silent reading.
  • Students were introduced to the novel response questions.  They are responsible to complete 2 entries per week as they read their novels.
  • Students continued working on their monster creations as a characterization activity.  They also began writing a journal entry from the monster’s perspective.

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