Monday, October 5th

Hello October!  It will be a sporadic kind of month with Thanksgiving and teacher’s convention, so we have begun reading novels that the students can take home.  Try to adopt a love of reading, and if not, just more reading stamina!

English 421:

  • Students submitted their short stories.  They must also register for a turnitin account tonight and submit an electronic copy.  Directions: go to, create an account, and add your class.  You will need a class id and password.  Block A id: 10838685, Block B id: 10838687.  The password for both sections is: Englishrocks.  If you encounter difficulties, please see Mrs. C tomorrow morning.
  • Students were introduced to the class library of novels.  They are expected to read 3 novels over the semester.  There will be a book talk presentation of one, and smaller writing activities throughout the reading time.  I will try to post a list of all the title before the end of the week.

English 431:

  • Silent reading.
  • Discussion of how we get to know people and how writer’s reveal details about characters.
  • Short video clip on a fascinating person: Mattie Stepanek.  We watched the video clip, and discussed some of Mattie’s qualities.  We began a PPE method paragraph (Point, Proof, Explanation) together, and then students began developing the proof statements on their own.  Here is the video clip:

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