Wednesday, September 30th

English 421:

  • We reviewed voice in writing.  Students were taken through a review lesson, then were asked to determine voice in a number of pieces of writing.  They should apply this knowledge to their own writing in their narratives.  Notes and activities for this can be found on the 6 Traits Overview slideshow on the English 421 page.
  • REMINDER: The narrative writing assignment is due in complete draft form on Friday for peer revision and editing.  The polished draft is due on Monday, Oct 5.
  • Fun news: We will be having a pre-service teacher from UPEI joining us tomorrow and Friday for observation, then returning in late October for an 8 week practicum.

English 431:

  • Today students continued presenting their personal crest/collage through a conference with the teacher.  The rest of the class worked on compiling their September portfolio items and completing the John Joseph sheet from yesterday.

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