Monday, September 28th

English 421:

  • Today we began reviewing the 6 traits of writing, beginning with ideas.  This is in preparation for the narrative stories students are currently writing.  Students listened to a mini-lesson on ideas, then read a short story “Mirror Image” by Lena Coakley, (on a handout).  They were asked to consider the main idea and topics in the story, look at development of the idea, and provide suggestions for improvement.  We will continue with this story tomorrow, looking at its organization.  Check out the class site for the slideshow mini-lesson and activities from today.
  • For tonight: students should be working on their narrative writing assignment.

English 431:

  • Students had a little reading activity today dealing with word choice – looking at descriptive words and powerful verbs.  They had to develop lists of replacement words, then were asked to apply this word improvement activity to their own work.
  • Reminder: September portfolio work will be submitted on Wednesday for grading.  Students should have the following work completed:  All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten (response sheet), 10 Word Stories sheet & writing activities, Personal Crest/Collage assignment, with 5 prompt write-up, and the Adjectives & Verbs word power sheet from today.  One piece of the writing should be polished for rigorous grading.

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