Monday, September 21

English 421:

  • Students shared around their John Joseph graphic story continuation pieces to receive peer feedback.
  • Writer’s notebook entry: Describe something about your morning (getting up, breakfast, traveling to school, the weather, etc.).  Make sure to include vivid details (sights, sounds, smells, tastes, what you feel).
  • Stereotype discussion continued.  We looked at an article where an artist had a few Aboriginal Canadians draw on their own photographs with red marker in a way they felt they were perceived/stereotyped by others sometimes.
  • For homework: students were given a gender neutral image (to represent themselves) and are asked to draw on it with red marker how they feel they are stereotyped/perceived by others.

English 431:

  • Students shared a fun thing they did over the weekend.
  • We read a section from The Book of Awesome aloud, then discussed where writer’s get ideas.  We watched part of a TED talk featuring the author of the book, Neil Parisha, and where he gets ideas for writing.

  • Students did a group brainstorming activity for their writing piece to go along with their personal crest/collage assignment, then they continued with the writing of their pieces.

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