Wednesday, September 16

Apologies for updating late – the internet was down at the end of the day at school, and I didn’t get the opportunity to update from home.  However, here is a brief summary of Wednesday’s activities, with any relevant information updated on the English 421/431 pages.

English 421:

  • Students began sharing their show and tell items.  The rest should be prepared to go tomorrow and Friday.
  • We looked at a graphic story out of the anthology Exploring the Narrative – “John Joseph: the Boy Whose Last Name is a First Name”.  This book is only a class set, and students can only access it at school.  We discussed John Joseph’s personality, and some of the ways he is characterized in the story, how the author exaggerated some of the other characters, and how John’s peanut allergy was symbolized in the text.  Students then role-played the story as a dialogue.

English 431:

  • We joined with the other English 431 class today to look at 6 word stories as a way to discuss elements of story.
  • Students worked on reading through some 10 word stories in an anthology, and beginning to categorize them by genre.  Tomorrow we will continue by looking at whether or not all of these micro-fiction entries qualify as short stories.  Students will eventually write their own 10 word story, and also write the elaborated story to one of the ones we read together.

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