Monday, September 14th

English 421:

  • Students submitted their 10 word stories to go up on the wall.
  • We read “A Secret Lost in the Water” from Sightlines 10, and discussed the theme, conflicts, and significance of the title, along with some personal connections to the story.  See the activities on the English 421 page.
  • We are going to have show and tell!  Bring an object of some significance to you, and speak to the class about it.  What is it?  Where did you get it?  Why is it important to you?  – or anything else you deem important.
  • For tonight – be prepared to discuss the last two response questions to the story, and plan for your object show and tell sharing for your schedule day – Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

English 431:

  • We did our Book of Awesome read aloud and gratefulness sharing.
  • We looked at and discussed different images to help students brainstorm picture ideas for the Personal Crest/Collage assignment.  This will be posted on the English 431 page soon.  Students then had more time to work on creating their crest/collage.
  • Tomorrow we will spend half the class in the computer lab working to find images for the collage.

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