Friday, September 11th

English 421:

  • Students had some time to work on expanding on a 10 word story from the in-class anthology.  Then they were asked to begin brainstorming/writing a 1o word story of their own.
  • Students participated in a team building activity where they scavenged for answers in their Sightlines anthology.  The purpose of this activity was to begin working with other students in the class, and to also explore one of the texts we will be using this semester.
  • Homework:  go on and explore the class website – it will be a useful tool for you!  To prove you visited the site, here’s a joke for you to remember for Monday. 
  • More homework – write your own 10 word or less story, and prepare it on a slim sheet of paper.  Make it look attractive, using color and/or imagery that suits the story.  There are some examples of 6 word memoirs and 10 word stories on the English 421 page.

English 431:

  • We combined with the other class today to begin working on personal crests/collages.  At the beginning of the semester, it is important to get to know each other.  This project is designed to give you an opportunity to let me know who you are, but also an opportunity to think about your identity and goals.  See the attached assignment file on the English 431 page.

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