Monday, November 30th

English 421:

  • Students had a brief to Shakespeare today.
  • They had time to work on their film critique assignment for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? The assignment details can be found on the English 421 page.

English 431:

  • We continued with our study of Shattered.  We read through chapter 3, and students began writing a PPE paragraph describing the main character, Ian.


Friday, November 27th

English 421:

  • We screened film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape this week, and discussed some of the themes and issues in it.  Students should now be working on a critique/analysis of the film due next  Thursday.
  • Today students watched a short animated film called Destiny, that was used as an example for critique, focusing on theme and the elements in the film that contribute to the overriding theme.

English 431:

  • We have read and discussed Chapters 1 & 2 of Shattered

Tuesday, November 24th

English 421:

  • Students should still be reading independently during their spare time – the equivalent of 20 minutes daily.
  • In class, pre-service teacher Ms. Louise Gullander has been moving the students through some introduction to drama.  Over the next couple of days their are screening the film What is Eating Gilbert Grape, and will be working on a written critique/analysis of it for next week.

English 431:

  • We began a class novel study for the novel Shattered by Eric Walters.  So far, students should have completed the anticipation guide and probable passage activities – on the English 431 page, and a paragraph response for the movie The Pursuit of Happyness – What comment does the movie make about what it means to be human?

Wednesday, November 18th

I haven’t posted much to the website lately, as my time has been dedicated to wrapping up some assessments and getting report cards ready to roll out tomorrow.  Also, our pre-service teacher in English 421, Louise Gullander, has begun teaching, so I have let her take the reigns for a bit.  Posts may become more sporadic, but I will post summaries and reminders a few times a week, so keep checking in.

REMINDER: Parent teacher interviews will be held at Colonel Gray tomorrow, Thursday, November 19th from 6:15pm-9:00pm and Friday, November 20th from 9:00am -1:00pm.  I encourage all parents to come and meet with their child’s teachers.  If you are unable to make it to interviews, but want some clarification on report card comments, please email me:

English 421:

  • We have put silent reading time in class on hold to accommodate sharing of student illustrated poems.  (However, students should maintain their reading at home.)  Students have been viewing the poems and providing compliments and suggestions for improvements to their peers.
  • Our pre-service teacher a begun an introductory unit to drama study.  She has been introducing students to terminology, concepts, scrips and some acting games.  The first task for students is to select a film or play to critique.  They must bring their selection to class for Monday, November 23 for approval.

English 431:

  • We have been polishing up the writing assignment for independent novels, and preparing for the upcoming book talk sharing on Thursday.  We have been working on fulfilling speaking outcomes by doing more sharing aloud in class.
  • We are also working on pre-reading activities for the upcoming class novel study – Shattered.  We watched The Pursuit of Happyness, and students are responding to the question: What comment does the movie make about what it means to be human? We are also discussing some of the anticipation guide questions that target some of the major topics we will encounter in the novel.

Thursday, November 12th

English 421:

  • It was a hectic day getting back into the swing of things.  Students had some time for silent reading, then we discussed the illustrated poetry assignment – the expectation was that it would be submitted today, but like expected, there were many setbacks.  Students need to send/share the file with Mrs. Charlton tonight in anticipation for sharing the videos in class tomorrow.  If you need to upload a file, make sure to come to class before the bell rings.
  • Some issues with google slides: adding auto-advance — Go to File – publish to the web.  There it allows you to the advance time on slides, then creates a link you can then send to Mrs. C.
  • Google slides: adding music.  You can’t add music per say, but you can add a music video file from the web.  Go to Insert, Video, then add the youtube or other URL and it will embed directly in the slide.
  • If you are using PowerPoint and adding music, make sure to have the music file and the powerpoint file saved together – the easiest way is to bring both to class on a memory stick.
  • REMINDER: No novel reflection is due today.  We are stalling them until further notice.
  • Today students also did some work with providing feedback on another student’s assignment.  We co-constructed success criteria, and students filled out a rubric with comments.  We will reflect back on this activity next week.

English 431:

  • Today we finished watching the film The Pursuit of Happyness, and students responded to the question: What comment is being made in this movie about what it means to be human?  Responses were to be in proper PPE format (Point, Proof, Explanation).
  • We also spent some time today going over some of the questions on the anticipation guide for the upcoming class novel – Shattered.

Monday, November 9th

Hello parents and students,

I have taken Monday and Tuesday off this week to spend with my family, and one day to study curriculum.  I have a very capable substitute in for me working with students.  If there are any questions or concerns while I am out, please email me at  I will try to check email regularly and respond promptly.

Here’s the plan for the next two days:

English 421:

  • Students will spend one more class period in the library, working on their illustrated poetry assignments.  This assignment MUST be submitted to Mrs. Charlton in class on Thursday.
  • Students should maintain their independent reading, whenever possible.  However, there will not be a novel reflection due this week – more to come on this on Thursday.
  • Students will be working through an in-class poetry activity on mood.  They will be asked to apply the lesson to revising their poetry assignment.

English 431:

  • Students will be working on some pre-reading activities as an introduction to the novel Shattered, including viewing the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, with a written response.

Have a great couple of days, and take time to reflect, on Remembrance Day, for all that veterans have and continue to do to ensure we have rights and freedoms in Canada, and to reflect on all that still needs to occur to ensure peace around the world.

Thursday, Nov 5

Good day students.  To be poetic, here’s the scoop on why I am not with you:

My little one, innocently unaware

Awoke with a gasp in the wee hours of the morning

To find the nasty, relentless flu virus

Had possessed his little being and left him

stranded, in puddles of his own vomit.

If this sounds gross – imagine being me during the night, having to deal with this mess, and one sweet, sick little boy.  Our household got little sleep, and today we will battle this virus, trying to avoid infecting all of us.

Mr. Dohoo is in with you today.  Here is the scoop for all my classes:

English 421:

  • You will be working independently in the library on your illustrated poetry assignment.  You can use Mr. Dohoo and Ms. Gullander for support.
  • Remember that you have a novel reflection due today on the specific prompt: What connections can you make between the topics and issues in your book and your life/ your world.  Your responses should be submitted via google classroom, if at all possible.  The passcodes for google classroom are as follows: Block A – 6sfpze  Block B – c71nq75 .  If you cannot submit via the classroom, then submit a written/printed copy to Mr. Dohoo.
  • Have a great class.  I am out next Monday and Tuesday, and Ms, Kennedy will be in with you again.  You have another period in the library on Monday, and I have a poetry activity planned for Tuesday that should help you in revising your own poem.  I will see you again next Thursday, after Remembrance day.

English 431:

  • I am so sorry to miss our planned show and tell today.  As a class, you can make a decision whether you want to go ahead with the show and tell, and have a classmate videotape your presentation on his/her cellphone, or whether you would prefer to postpone until next week.
  • I booked the Chromebooks for today, so you can continue working on your independent novel assignment – the slideshow with limited text, and your written component that responds to 5 different sections.  If you don’t have a copy of the assignment, open the file on this website.  It’s under the English 431 page.  When completed, these items should be submitted via Google classroom.  The passcode for this class is – crijkvu  They are due today.
  • Have a great class.  Be respectful, and work hard to complete and submit your work.